About The LLama


Hi there new friend, it is nice to meet you! My name is Annie, the creator of Yarntastic Vibes. Do you love yarn just as much as I do? Then you came to the right place :D!

My passion for crocheting started since 2012 when I was hospitalized from multiple surgeries. The very first item that I learned how to make was a swatch of single crochets that eventually grew into a simple pair of socks (the ones that are on the back of the skein wrapper), some beanies and scarves, and a whole bunch of amigurumis with love in every stitch. This sounds cliche, but it’s true!

I continued with the crocheting journey ever since I saw the joy in giving my family and friends a requested project back to them. Later on, I ventured into designing an amigurumi of my own after having some practices with different written patterns from the internet. I hope to design a collection full of amigurumis to open an etsy shop or sell them on ravelry one day, but for now, I am still learning how to design and shape them!

Well, with that being said, I hope that you will join me on my journey of creating amigurumis and other fun projects here on my blog! If you wish to follow me on social media, the links are down below :).

Here are five fun facts about me:
1) My favorite number is 13
2) My favorite color is purple
3) The masquerade theme is my favorite
4) I used to play the violin
5) I have never been to a concert before

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