Oh Hi You :)

Welcome to the Yarntastic Vibes, a corner of mine here on WordPress! We are just about to begin our first project together, glad that you could make it :) . Head over to the table over in the back and pick out your favorite yarn color and a crochet hook, we will begin shortly.

Has everyone gotten their favorite hook and yarn color? Alright, let’s begin the project! Today we will be learning how to crochet the All Smiles stitch, are we ready to begin? What you would want to do is chain 4 stitches and slip stitch into the first stitch to form a loop. Don’t worry, we will learn the magic loop later on. While we work on this pattern, I want to introduce myself to you all so we could get to know one another.

Hi there, my name is Annie, but you could call me An for short. My love for yarn began in the year of 2011. I was bored from bed rest and then my mom taught me how to crochet. My first crocheting project was a pair of slippers and then it grew into the love of making amigurumis (my specialty). A couple of years later, I was taught how to knit by my aunt. It took me some time getting used to the knitting needles since I am a petite person. I was able to make my first scarf after I learned how to keep the stitches from falling off the needle. You may have noticed that there is a pattern here. I love to make amigurumis with the crochet hooks and knitted garments with the needles :) .

So how are we doing there with our pattern? Is everyone all caught up? Here’s the fun part of the stitch. You get to see the smiles come together as we pull these stitches together like this and then fasten off! Now once you sew in your tail ends, I want you to give the lace to the person you are sitting next to. There! There it is :D ! I told you this stitch was called the All Smiles stitch. Isn’t it lovely?

Well with the help of my mom and aunt, I have been loving to create smiles in every stitch either crochet or knitwise. It just makes me extremely happy seeing people’s reaction from when I give away my projects


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