Amigurumis of 2016

Hello there people of Cyber City, do you know what day is it today?! …January 13th, 2017… That’s not what I meant! What I did mean is that Crafty Yarnist is creating her very first post today, yaaay! Who’s excited?

Over the past few years, my mind has been nudging me on to create a blog for all of the yarn projects that I have recreated, but I was scared to do so. I have tried plenty of other blogs in the past and none of them stuck with me. I tried Instagram as well, but that only lasted for a week… Now that we’re in 2017; I am trying this whole blogging thing out again! I love it when my recreations bring a smile to someone else’s face, it gives me that encouraging feeling to keep making more for smiles in return (I hope that these images of my recreations will do the same for you too) <3 .  I haven’t made any new projects yet since we’re only two weeks in of 2017. However, I did put something together for you all to enjoy :).


Here’s an overview collage of all the projects that I recreated in 2016! These patterns aren’t mine, though. I found them mostly on Ravelry (the main resource), Pinterest, and as well as Youtube. 2016 was sure a busy year, but it was a fun busy year. I enjoyed working on these patterns because of the personal touches that I got to add to them! Which one is your favorite?


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