Cupcakes Galore

Hello and welcome back everyone!

Here’s the first post of 2017 in a new section known as Monday’s Memories :). Today, we will be venturing off into baking cupcakes using this recipe from Ms. Fitch. You could also find it on her Ravelry page as well! The recipe turned out to be delicious so I decided to crochet (I mean bake) one for my cousin on her birthday a couple of years back. My cupcake turned out a bit wonky because I only had worsted weight yarn at the time. That’s alright though, these cupcakes are highly customizable ;). Here’s how the birthday cupcake turned out to be!

cousin’s birthday present

After having so much fun with this one, I decided to bake some more before visiting the family back in 2014 :). These cupcakes were based on the type of theme that each person liked <3 .

cousins’ gift


aunt’s and cousin’s gift


If you decide to travel with them, you could protect the cupcakes in a plastic wrap to keep them from becoming even wonkier!

aunt’s gift

There were two more cupcakes, but I think they were being camera shy :). Anyways, I hope you liked this cupcake recipe from Ms. Fitch, I know I did :).  If you happen to stop by her blog or page, don’t forget to tell her I said hello!