Mother’s Favorite Flowers

Welcome back to Yarntastic Vibes everyone! Do you like the new name? I came up with it sometime last week. This one seems a bit more fun to say :) .  Yaaarntastic!

It has been a while has it? Well do not worry, I am back to blogging now! There will be a new pattern coming up on the blog during this summer, but I do not have a set date for that yet and I will be updating you all when the pattern is finished. So keep an eye out for that!

I know Mother’s Day was last week (present was given on time), but the petals and leaves made this blog post a bit late. Apologies everyone! Anyways, for today’s eye catcher, I will be focusing on these really cute orchids that I learned how to make for Mother’s Day from Mary J Handmade on YouTube. These were super fun and easy to make while watching her tutorial. Now, there is one part where you have to be very VERY careful with your hands and face. I’m talking about the parts where she tells you to add some wires to the flower to give it shape. Make sure to give them an extra pair of eyes if you are doing these with your little ones to give to their mothers on an occasion. Before I send you off to her tutorial, keep in mind that her tutorial has two parts to it. The link that I am about to send you to is only the first part. Here is the first part of Mary J’s orchids tutorial and some pictures of mine. Hope you will have fun making the orchids :)

TIP: If you do not want to use tape to cover your wires, here’s what I did! You could either go to Michael’s or your local arts and crafts store to pick yourself up some green stem wire and attach the silver wires to the green ones with yarn. You could also bend the green wires to the shape that you like as well. Well, I hope these tips and tricks will help you out in making your own orchids for your mother. Just remember to be careful when working with the wires. You do not want scratches all over your hands and face, cause trust me, that will not be pretty. Anyways, good luck and do not worry, I know she will love them :) . Well that is it for now, and remember, have a yarntastic night!



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