Oswald’s Sweetheart

Hello and welcome back everyone!

Today is the day where Cupid comes out with his heart-shaped bow and arrow to help others find true love. Since Cupid has been doing well with our world, let’s see how he’s been doing with Crafty Yarnist’s world with Penny and Oswald :).

I hope you all liked my mini yarnimation :). Perks to you if you spotted my hand in the bottom right-hand corner, aha! Apologies for some of the hick ups that you saw in the video as it was my first time recording <3 . Anyways, the links to the projects that you saw in the video will be listed below in case you want to make some for yourself!

Heart Shaped Applique
~ House Applique
~ Clouds Applique
~ Yarnspiration’s Baker Lily
~ Yarnspiration’s Boyfriend Billy

If you have noticed that my amigurumi dolls did not match the pattern from their pictures, it’s because I changed some of the yarn colors to match the holiday’s theme for last year as it was a gift to my parents :). Another note is that I made the grass applique by using two rows of double crochets for the video. Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day, and thank you for watching <3 .


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