Year Of The Rooster

Hello and welcome back everyone!
It sure was a fun one for us yesterday because we got to celebrate the most important holiday of all time yesterday!

(visiting temple on left)
(our flowers are on the right)

Yesterday was known as Tet, or Lunar New Year in English. Tet is known to be one of the most important holidays of all time in the Lunar Calendar and it usually falls on either January or February. After welcoming back the ancestors, families gather around at the dinner table sharing great memories of the past with a traditional meal. But before any of this could happen, the house must be prepared with offerings and decorations.

There’s a role for everyone on the week of Tet and the work is split evenly. You usually find adults hiding in the kitchen cooking and baking traditional meals and arranging fruits for the offerings while the younger ones help out with the decorations.

Speaking of decorations, I made something special for this favorite holiday of mine. This was supposed to be used a couple of years back on Tet, but I couldn’t finish all of them on time… Well, now that I finally finished all of them, I was able to hang the lanterns up in their special places this year :). This is how they all turned out to be!

Now that everything is in place, it’s time to celebrate!!

It’s family dinner time!
Tet’s midnight celebration “Don Giao Thua”

Well, now that celebration is over for us, I hope you and your family had a lovely wonderful time together. May the year of the Rooster be your year. From @craftyyarnist’s family, to yours

By the way, if you want to try out the lantern pattern for yourself, you could also find it here on Mrs. Fitch’s Ravelry page as well! Don’t forget to tell her I said hello if you happen to stop by her page or blog!



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